Setting up Operating Systems

Originally we used Virtual Machines for Oracle VirtualBox with Solaris 11.0 and CentOS 6.4. Unfortunately, these versions become stale, while VirtualBox is a second-level hypervisor which complicates performance analysis experiments.

Actual version of this book was modified to support Solaris 11.2 and CentOS 7.0. They were installed in a Xen 4.4 environment in HVM machines. I assume that you were installed these operating systems and already performed basic setup like setting IP address or root password.

Setting up CentOS 7


CentOS 7.0 contains incorrect GPG key for debuginfo repository like described in bug 7516, so you will also need to update centos-release package:

# yum install centos-release


kernel-debuginfo may be installed manually using YUM package manager. In that case, however, you should add precise version of kernel to a package name. Otherwise YUM will install newest version that probably wouldn't match kernel you running.

Setting up Solaris 11.2