Exercise 1

Write opentrace.d and opentrace.stp scripts which are tracing open() system calls. They should print following information in one line:

For example:

tee[939(0:0)] open("/tmp/test", O_WRONLY|O_APPEND|O_CREAT) = 3

Bit flags values are presented in following table:

Flag Solaris Linux (x86)
O_RDONLY bits 0-1 are not set
O_RDWR 2 2
O_APPEND 8 1024
O_CREAT 256 64

Test script that your created by experimenting with redirection to file or a pipe with tee tool:

# cat /etc/inittab > /tmp/test
# cat /etc/inittab >> /tmp/test
# cat /etc/inittab | tee /tmp/test
# cat /etc/inittab | tee -a /tmp/test


In Solaris 11 open() system call was replaced with more generic openat().

Optional: Modify your scripts so only files that have "/etc" in their path will be shown.